Lisdoonan Shop

Opening Hours
Monday to Friday: 8am – 9pm

Saturday: 8am – 9pm

Sunday: 9am – 9pm

At Peter Griffin’s Costcutter Shop
When we go that way we have to stop
To drop in and say “Hello”
And have a “sup of tae below”

You’ll find hot birds there, so tenderly cooked,
If you want more than one, it may have to be booked,
There’s rashers and sausages on display
Hot currys and salads on a tray

There’s sticks and coal, and firelogs too,
There’s nappies and wipes and smells for the loo,
Sweets and crisps and jelly galore,
You’ll find the mouse traps close to the door.

From bread to milk to the sticky sweeet,
The local news, the birthday greet,
Stamps and cards to keep in touch,
Magazines, T.V. Guides- they don’t cost much,
Balloons and spools and rubber bands.
And even creams to mind your hands.

Potatoes and cabbage so keenly priced.
Turkey and ham already sliced,
There’s fruit and veggies to keep you healthy.
Fine wines to suit the young and wealthy.

You can get phone credit at the till,
When you stop to pay your shopping bill.
So when the friendly craic runs out,
You can text your friends from morn till night.

A friendly place, without a doubt,
And they’ll even help,
Take your shopping OUT………