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The townlands in the Essex/Shirley, Bath, etc., estates. The following is E.P. Shirley’s 1878 schedule of the townlands in not only the Shirley, but the Bath, estate – in fact in the whole ‘Barony of Farney, parishes of Donaghmoyne, Magheross, Magheracloone, Killanny (part of), and Inniskeen (part of). [His speculations about the Irish derivation of the townland names have been omitted. His barony, comprehending five parishes, or parts of parishes, Donaghmoyne, Magheross, Magheracloone, Killanny and Inniskeen, differs in many respects from the other four baronies of the county of Monaghan, having been at least nominally part of the ancient demesne of the crown from the period of the conquest of Ireland, and having been at one time included in the county of Uriel, or Louth. In the grant to Walter Devereux, Earl of Essex, in 1576, it is described as “in the Province and Earldom of Ulster”. However, in the year 1585, under the designation of the barony of Donaghmoyne, it is named as the fifth of the baronies of the new created county of Monaghan; though from the fact probably of its having been granted to Essex as an independent territory, it is omitted in the award of the Commissioners. To this day it is held under the original grant of 2576, confirmed by a patent granted by King James I, in 1621 to Robert, the 3rd Earl of Essex, and is still enjoyed by the representatives of this nobleman, with the exception only of the church lands, held under the sees of Armagh and Clogher, certain monastic lands and tithes, and the townland of Coolderry, the property of the Flemings of Slane, before the grant of 1576.

Taken from: http://www.proni.gov.uk/records/private/shirley.htm