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This website has been created to provide information on the Parish of Donaghmoyne. Included in the parish of Donaghmoyne is Lisdoonan, Broomfield and Aughnafarcon. News on the website will be updated regularly.

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Donaghmoyne means the Church of the Precincts, referring to the territories of the Mugdorna, a tribe that in the first millennium inhabited this area. Territorially it is one of the largest parishes in the Diocese of Clogher, and is a completely rural parish, with a population of circa 2,700.

There are three Catholic churches in the Parish – St. Lastra’s at Donaghmoyne, St. Patrick’s at Broomfield and St. Mary’s at Lisdoonan. There are no Protestant churches in the parish in which services are held today. There are four primary schools in the parish.

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